Custom & Template

Websites starting at $49.99/year according to your business requirements.

Begin your Website

Website design

We will customize any template to your corporate image and business requirements.

Website creation

We will add all the initial information of your website (images, products, etc). No extra cost, while products to add are less than 50.

Website setup

Your web will be connected to various online services that will help to analyze and improve SEO (ranking on search engines).

CMS administration

Each customer can update the website information using the integrated CMS. You can manage admin users and their privileges.

Website maintenance

We can upload any time, any information customers give us for their website. Charges may apply, based on work load and update request frequency.

Website troubleshooting

Any error or problem you may have (any day or time), we will fix it as soon as possible.

A Cover's Magic

If you only need a landing page or a basic website for your entrepreneurship, NGO or business, this is the low cost solution we offer you.

For only $49.99/year

You will enjoy this service. You will get a free domain. Includes our Nova hosting plan.

$14.29 /month


If you pay annually or $16.49/month. Setup Fee $325.

Ideal for services, catalogs, entrepreneurships and professional workers websites that require a simple online presence.
Functions: About us, Help, FAQ, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Services, Work or Products portfolio, Contact Us, Sliders, Link to Blog with sub-domain, Display your content in various Languages.
Includes our Optimus Hosting Plan.
We can update any information the customer give us for the website..

$28.59 /month


If you pay annually or $32.99/month. Setup Fee $325.

For those who need to connect their brick and mortar business with the online world.
Functions: Newsletter, News, Events, Articles, Allies, Services with categories, Products with categories, Volunteers, Payment Registration and Quote Cart (form-email), Jobs and Products Search.
It includes features from previous Templates plans.
Includes our SME Pro Hosting Plan.

$50 /month


Or 1% of online sales. Setup Fee $400.

Useful for those who wish to sell their products and services online.
Functions: Products with business intelligence, users, guarantees, Claims and products returns, Products Filters (New, Top Sellers, etc.), Shopping Cart, Sales Administration, Delivery Administration, Inventory Administration, PayPal, MercadoPago and Stripe integration, Magento integration (depending on customer business), billing system, and more.
It includes features from previous Templates plans.
Includes our Business Pro Hosting Plan.



Digital marketing strategies

We will set goals for each website (lead generation, sales, traffic, etc).
Based on these goals, we will design, develop, implement, evaluate and reiterate strategies that improve the website ranking in search engines, the traffic of users to the website, that increase our customer business sales, among other results.
The cost of this service is tailored to each customer according to established goals.

$50 /month

Basic Maintenance

0-5 hours/month

We understand that some customers do not have time or resources to constantly update their website.
For basic websites with few monthly updates (sliders, new products, promotions or offers).

$100 /month

Inter Maintenance

5-10 hours/month

For websites that update few articles a month, send monthly newsletters, plus the activities of the previous plan.

$200 /month

Advance Maintenance

10-20 hours/month

For websites that update vaious articles a month, send weekly newsletters, have an online store, plus the activities of the previous plan.


Expert Maintenance

+20 hours/month

This plan is recommended for content creation and ecommerce websites, specially if they have high daily or weekly traffic.