Canvas Layer

We can make a low cost, responsive and accessible website for your business. Purchase a template today, publish it tomorrow.

Pixel Layer

We can design and develop web features tailored to your template, according to the needs and goals of your business.

Cloud Layer

Buy a domain and hosting from us, in accordance with the requirements of your website (shared and dedicated servers, VPS).

Who we are?

We are a brand of the Encore Team (a group of business intelligence companies) which develop software based entrepreneurships (web and mobile) to different markets and professional/personal needs.

What do we do?

Design and develop websites, offer technical support about the implementation of digital marketing strategies and sell hosting services for entrepreneurs, NGOs and business.

Custom Experience

Our work is tailored to size, needs and goals of our customers business.

UX Design

Every project we work on, offers dynamic user experience to make the website easy to use.

Shocking Templates

Which create web trends and follow responsive and accessible design standards.

Tailored Functions

We can build special extra functions for the templates according to your business requirements.

CMS Administration

You can manage your templates information through almost any device (smartphones, tablets and PCs).

Business Intelligence

Our special CMS tools will show you valuable information to simplify your decision making processes.

Do you want to become an authorized dealer?

We want to grow next to you. Contact us and let’s begin a transparent, efficient and lasting professional relationship.

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