Frequent Questions

We summarize some frecuently asked questions.

What is a web template?

It is a tool that allow to guide, build or work on a pre-established design. In the web world, it is used to accelerate the time of completion of a web project. In the case of our company, templates allow us to offer our clients low cost websites and valuable web features for their business.

Can I change my Template plan as required by business?

Yes, you can choose anytime a plan with more or fewer features than the one you currently have. A plan with more features may require a setup fee and an increase in the amount paid monthly or annually.

Can I change the Template design? How often?

Yes, the only condition is that you can change it once (1) per year, as long as the selected design option allows the website to be configured with the features that you have in your current Template plan.

I want to use a domain I bought from another company with one of your Templates, Is it possible?

Yes, when starting your project with us, you will specify that you own a domain. Then, we will help you redirect your domain to our hosting so you can make use of it.

Can I use a different hosting service to the one you offer?

No, to make use of our Templates, you must use our hosting servers. However, you can use a different server to manage your corporate emails.

If my business requires a hosting plan with more features than the one you offer for Templates, What can I do?

We will be constantly monitoring your website. Whether we realize this situation or you want to purchase a hosting with higher specifications than the current one you have, we'll help you find the best hosting service possible according to your requirements.

If I cancel the Template service, will I keep the website design and programming?

No, our company allows you to use the Template while you have an active contract. However, we allow you to export the information stored on your website, so you can continue using it on another service. The only design and programming your company may keep, is the one custom developed for your company through our Pixel Layer service.

If I cancel the Template service, will I keep the domain?

Yes, when you purchase a domain, it belongs to you. So you will keep using it.

What if my website requires adding some functionalities that the Template excludes?

If your website requires a particular functionality that our Template plans do not offer, we can develop it for you. This kind of work will involve additional services payments.

I already purchased my Domain, Hosting or Template, but I do not want to use it, what can I do?

The only option is to wait for the contract to end for these services to be disabled, since we do not make any refund.

Which services does the Templates monthly fee covers?

Template use, add or delete included features to the website (based on current plan), hosting maintenance and backup, website error handling, website security handling, access to new features developed for the templates, new website-template designs (based on new technologies & trends), full access to web world education (websites, digital marketing & programming), full access to web projects improvements-recommendations, adapt website to online goals (some conditions apply), unlimited support and customer service.


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