Dealers - Distributors

If you want to become an authorized dealer of our products-services, here you can start the process.

Who can be a dealer?

Any company or professional with more than one (1) year of business, regardless of their physical location in the world.

Why become a dealer?

In addition to receive extra revenue from each completed sale, your business will be promoted by our company on the website (Layer Avenue's) and to each customer requesting services your company offers.

How to become an authorized dealer?

You must complete the application form in this section, and if approved, sign a contract between your company and ours, as well as receive an online induction of 1 hour about our products and services.

Can I promote your products and services to customers who speak other languages (not English nor Spanish)?

Yes you can, while your client understands that our products-services are offered and developed in English and Spanish. We can adapt our CMS to other languages, but this customization will be an extra cost.

What are the conditions of sale and dealer commissions?

The selling prices of our products and services will be decided by our dealer. The minimum price has to be the same as those found on our website. If it is the same price as our website, for every sale completed, the dealer will receive a 15% discount of the bill before taxes. If the dealer set its own price, different that those offered on our website, the dealer will receive a 5% discount of the bill before taxes.


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