About Us

We work for you 365 days a year. 366 days in leap year.

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Who we are?

We are a brand of the Encore Team (a group of business intelligence companies) which develop software based entrepreneurships (web and mobile) to different markets and professional/personal needs.

Where we are?

Our offices are located at USA, Canada and Venezuela, but our customers communicate with us via Skype, phone or email from anywhere in the world.

Our mission

Is to offer (through developed software by our brand) solutions to actual problems, processes improvement and innovations that facilitate day to day activities to companies and mankind.

Our vision

We want to be a social and ecologically responsible brand, which establish trends in web-mobile design. We also want to be recognize as an enterprise which solutions improve life quality of people and business profits.

Latest Trends

We offer the best technology on the market to solve problems and seize business opportunities.

Continuos Advice

We are always at your side to support you with valuable information in your business decision making.

Our values

Accountability, efficiency, professionalism, respect and effort are our logo on every project we work on.

Canvas Layer

Web templates (responsive and accessible design) with Content Management System. Low monthly cost.

Cloud Layer

Sale of domains and hosting, as well as their accessories (ID protection or SSL certificates). We advise customers about the hosting plan they will purchase, according to requirements and needs of their business.

Pixel Layer

Corporate analysis, custom design and development of websites, in addition to implementation, evaluation, ongoing support and search engine optimization of those web projects we work on. The websites are not only visually adapted to your brand, but they are particularly built for your company, to your business processes and previously established short, medium and long term goals.

Our history

Layer Avenue is a trademark created in 2014 as a result of an idea and association of four (4) young people in 2010 under the name Encore Studio, entrepreneurship that was dedicated to develop web, desktop and mobile projects according to customers’ requirements.


Due to the efforts and vision of our team, in 2014 the organization became a Group with presence in North and South America, and initiate the development of own products and services, being the first of them, Layer Avenue.